Mind Spa

Change happens at the speed of thought

Your thoughts are created by your belief system. Your reality is created by your thoughts, what you tell yourself about yourself. This is known as self-talk, which consists of your innermost thoughts and actual words you say to yourself. For example, if there is a problem, its only a problem because you tell yourself there is a problem.

In order the create a new reality, you must first change your belief system. You can change your belief system by do the following:

1. Observe the thoughts you currently have and assess what you believe

2. Set your intention

3. Release the old thought and replace it with a new thought



Old thought: “I’m never enough.” In the past, you have repeatedly told yourself that you’re never enough. Therefore, when opportunities presented themselves, you failed to try because you believed that you we’re not qualified. Step 1: Write the old thought on a piece of paper in pencil.

Setting your intention: Your intent is to expose the lie that you’re never enough.

New thought: “I’m more than enough. Everything I need is already inside of me.” You consciously begin to tell yourself the new thought. Step 2: Write the new thought in red ink beneath the old thought.

Affirm: Read both the old and new thought together for the next 3 days. Step 3: On the fourth day, erase the old thought and read out loud only the new thought. From that point on, read out loud the new thought. You are reprogramming your subconscious mind by completing this process. Whenever your conscious mind brings up the old thought, your subconscious mind will automatically replace it with the new thought.

Reprogramming the subconscious mind is not a new concept, but this technique was new to me. I learned the “Exposing the Lie” technique from Lisa Nichols, and it actually works!


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