How to Declutter Your Mind through Meditation

declutter your mindWe use our mind all the time. Even in our sleep our mind is constantly working.

Nothing works better than meditation to declutter your mind! Set aside a few minutes a day when you can sit quietly, focus on your breathing and just let your mind relax.

Step 1

Stop what you’re doing and find a quiet place. Any place is good. (I.e. bedroom, car, office, bathroom, closet)

Step 2

Close your eyes and take some slow, deep breaths. It has been discovered that 83% of your senses comes from sight. Therefore, by closing your eyes, you will eliminate a large majority of the distractions. Taking slow, deep breaths will slow your heart rate down, reduce your blood pressure, and relax your muscles.

Step 3

Silently repeat a mantra. This mantra could be anything. (I.e. Om, ) Repeating the mantra silently keeps the conscious mind occupied while you access the subconscious mind.

Whether you mediate two minutes or fifteen minutes, you will experience a moment of harmony, bliss and most importantly clarity.


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