Meditation – Day 1: Creating Your Soul Profile

Developed by Deepak Chopra for participants at the Seduction of Spirit meditation retreat, the soul profile is a way to contemplate the deepest questions we could ask ourselves and experience a closer alignment of our body, our mind, and our sense of self before we drift into the stillness and silence of meditation.

soul profile

The Three Soul Questions

Before we meditate, we ask ourselves the three soul questions to help us better understand this multifaceted existence of ours. First we ask Who am I? This is an opportunity to go beyond all the titles, labels, and identities we have layered upon ourselves. The goal is not to come up with an answer, but to establish a dialogue with the universe. The second soul question is What do I want? The answers can be material, ethereal, physical, health-related, emotional, or spiritual. It’s your life . . . you get to answer. And it can be anything you want. And last, we ask ourselves What is my dharma . . . what is my purpose in life?

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