Meditation – Day 2: Who am I?

Self portrait shadow

Image by bestarns via Flickr

Each of us carries around a virtual résumé or CV that contains all the many ways in which we identify ourselves. For example, we may say, “I’m a mother, father, sibling, or child. I’m a fan of this movie star, teacher, author, or sports team. I’m a believer in this philosophy or that one. I eat this kind of food and drive this kind of car. I wear this style of clothing and I speak this way. I respond to life in this way or that. I communicate in this style. I love these certain things and I’m not fond of these other things.”

In every moment we are defining ourselves . . . and at the same time limiting ourselves. If we want to experience expansion, we need to broaden our understanding of all the things we are and everything we are capable of doing.


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