Meditation – Day 10: Love


Of all the things human beings desire, love is probably the most sought after treasure. Even when we’re striving after other things, such as a job promotion, owning a house, or a hot fudge sundae, the underlying desire is for love. We may want a promotion out of an unconscious desire to receive more approval and love from our partner. We may equate a house with having the security or safety we associate with love. And many people turn to food as a poor substitute for love’s soothing, sweet, and fulfilling qualities.

The irony of our search is that love is our essential nature – it can’t be lost or taken away or earned. It is who we are. When it feels like love is lacking, it’s because we’ve identified with our ego’s fears and forgotten our true identity. We’ve unconsciously put up barriers that hide our radiant, loving essence from ourselves.

Listen to: The Secret of Attraction by Deepak Chopra


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