Meditation – Day 11: Money

money energy
Today as we explore the question What do I want, we will shift our attention to the realm of money and material abundance. Most people have some desires in this area, whether it’s to get out of debt, buy a house, receive a raise, or generate more revenue from our business. However, many of us have conditioned beliefs that make our relationships with money difficult or uncomfortable. Particularly if we consider ourselves “spiritual,” we may find it hard to charge a fair price for our services or we may give to others at our own expense. We may harbor resentment for individuals who have attained a high level of wealth, or we may hoard money because we’re afraid we won’t have enough in the future. On the other hand, we may have a healthy relationship with money, recognizing that it is simply a form of energy and is not the source of our security or happiness.

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One thought on “Meditation – Day 11: Money

  1. In a healthy relationship, it is important for both partners to respect each other’s space and their relationships with others. Discouraging or preventing a partner from seeing family or friends is controlling and unfair. Trying to control your partner is a warning sign for abusive behavior.

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