Meditation – Day 14: Leaning into Our Desires

desireWe’ve spent this week exploring the question What do I want? looking at our desires for love, health, happiness, freedom, money, and abundance. We’ve begun our dialogue with the universe, and each time we ask ourselves this vital soul question before meditating, we connect a bit more deeply to our essential self. When we know what we want and what’s important to us, we’re able to make more conscious, evolutionary choices that help us fulfill our highest potential and destiny. As it is stated in one of my favorite verses from the ancient Vedic text the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad:

“You are your deepest desire;
as is your desire so is your will;
as is your will so is your deed;
as is your deed so is your destiny.”

Our desires can become our destiny, but only if we lean in the direction of our desires and then take action.

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