Meditation – Day 15: How Can I Serve?

serving othersIn our third and final week of this Meditation Challenge, we will explore the third soul question: What is my dharma? How can I help . . . how can I serve? Dharma is a Sanskrit word that can be translated as “purpose.” At the Chopra Center, we consider dharma a path towards the highest expression of our own nature to help, heal, and serve others.

Identifying our unique gifts and your special talents is the first step. Once we have discovered these innate aspects of our self, we can become a conduit for the universe to flow through our words, thoughts, and deeds. Imagine a waterfall of cosmic proportions that you tap into and divert your own cascading river. Dharma works the same way. You tap into the divine healing flow of the universe by using your unique gifts and special talents. Now the universe is acting through you. Nothing is more satisfying and fulfilling than doing the work of the cosmos through your own personal expression.


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