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Day 2: Balance is Your True Nature

mindful moment
Today, we discuss how it is our evolutionary impulse to progress in our lives, to seek and attain balance, and to be healthy and strong.

While our bodies naturally move toward balance, there are things we can to do aid in this process. For instance, we can send our bodies messages of love and support by eating nourishing foods, getting proper rest, and engaging in activities that make us feel truly alive. So, as we begin to understand how our bodies take care of us, we also learn how we can better take care of our bodies.

Mindful Moment

Consider an area in your life where your self-talk is not supporting your wellbeing. We invite you to replace that thought with a message that demonstrates self-love. Hold that thought as your affirmation for today. Join Deepak Chopra & Oprah in the Perfect Health Journey. It’s FREE to participate!



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