Mind Spa

Day 3: The Intuition of Your Body


Today, we focus on the intuition of the body, that inner voice we each have, guiding us toward those choices and decisions that keep us balanced and thriving.

As we’re learning, our bodies already know how to attain equilibrium, and we can enhance our physical state simply by listening to the clues our bodies give us. From Ayurveda, the world’s oldest health system, we learn today that our bodies have inherent tendencies, called doshas. The more deeply connected with our intuition we become, the more we grow in awareness of how best to keep our doshas—and our bodies—in balance.

Our centering thought for today is: My mind and body are in perfect sync.


When faced with a choice today, close your eyes and place your hand on your heart. As you weigh your options in making your decision, pay attention to how your body feels. By listening to the body, the right answer will reveal itself to you.


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